Regina Sara Ryan

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Regina Sara Ryan is the author of numerous books in both wellness and spirituality, including: Praying Dangerously; The Woman Awake; and the classic Wellness Workbook, coauthored with John W. Travis, M.D. Regina conducts seminars and retreats in the U.S. and Europe.


Regina's Upcoming Programs:

March 14-15, Boulder, CO
Writing As Spiritual Practice
Evening Talk: Friday, March 14 @ 7:30pm
This course is for anyone who has a story to tell, or anyone who wants to gain greater self knowledge and understanding, as they follow the threads of the tapestry of their lives. ALL ARE WELCOME. No formal writing training is required.
Workshop: Saturday, March 15 @ 9am-4pm
We all have stories to tell – stories about being lost and then found; about a moment of clear vision or a night of dark despair; about an encounter with a guide or mentor; about our aims, our mistakes, our discouragement, as well as about our longing, our gratitude and our love.
This talk & workshop are designed to help us loosen these stories from the hard packed soil of our lives. Entrusting them to writing in an atmosphere of sanctuary, in the good company of other pilgrims on the Way, we can begin to see the patterns and purposes that have characterized our lives, whether we consider our path to be a spiritual one or not.
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Notes from Regina’s talks in Bucharest (June 17) and Brasov (June 26), Romania

I had to explain carefully to my hosts, before I began, that the talk was not about feminism, or about “women’s lib.” The term “the Feminine” is easily misunderstood and applied to a politico-social condition. This was not my purpose.

Making a distinction between “feminism” and “the Feminine,” and between “woman” and “Woman” was a lovely challenge that inspired lots of insight and questions—for me and apparently for others. My intention was to speak to both men and women, and to urge their consideration of the Feminine as an energetic life force that is present (at least in seed form) in all of us, regardless of gender. This talk was about the Feminine Principle—that aspect or pole of creation which “births” life from within itself and in others, nurtures and feeds that life, educates it, touches and caresses it in all its many forms, forgives and blesses and eases it, holding its hands as sickness, old age and death approaches. The responsibility, privilege and joy to reveal and act upon this Feminine Principle is for men as much as for women.

In the summer of 1988 I had met a remarkable woman in Freiburg, Germany, named Dina Rees. I told my audiences about her dazzling love and good humored service. Dina had been a medical doctor. She had 10 adopted children. She was a poet and writer. She was a pilgrim on the spiritual path who traveled India, healing and learning. Her creed was simple: everyone must be Mother…to themselves, to everyone else, and especially to all the world’s children. Everyone must care for the Earth, must be attuned to the ways they can relieve suffering, through forgiveness and gentleness. Everyone must respect the life he or she carries in the body, giving themselves and others the space and support so that their creativity (which is also their love) may “come to full term,” courageously endure its labor pains, and be born into an environment of conscious friends and family who will continue to raise it, encouraging every step.
I invited the participants to consider three qualities that distinguish the Feminine Principle, the principle of MA (as the Hindu cosmology appreciates). Those three qualities are interiority, universality and generativity. Unless we are creating space in our lives for these three, I fear that we are denying the Feminine, which for me is the same as denying Love.

More about these talks, and about these principles in my next installment here. In the meantime, I wish you courage, strength and joy on your Path.