Regina Sara Ryan

Regina Sara Ryan portrait

Regina Sara Ryan is the author of numerous books in both wellness and spirituality, including: Praying Dangerously; The Woman Awake; and the classic Wellness Workbook, coauthored with John W. Travis, M.D. Regina conducts seminars and retreats in the U.S. and Europe.


Read an excerpt of Regina's Essay from How Do You Pray?

Regina's Upcoming Programs:

October 25, Prescott, Arizona

Once in Love, You Must Pursue It to the End

Courtyard Building, 115 E. Goodwin St., Prescott


Information: 928-771-0205 Cost: recommended donation, $5


December 12-14, Mexico City, DF

The Soul of the Home

Details of time and place to come

How do we bring “soul” into “the house”—the house of family life, the house of our relationships with others; the house of our jobs and work; the house within our own hearts? This workshop is about the honoring and celebrating the sacred in all aspects of life.


For information: